Please note that there is no sure-shot way to burglar-proof your home or doors. However, we have jotted down a list of tips to improve the Front Door Security-system that would keep the potential threats away from your premises.

Upgrading the lock-systems

Do an initial check of the existing locks on the doors to see if they are broken or rusted – if they are, then immediately replace them. This is the first and the most basic thing that should be practiced. Also, do make sure that the door locks you have installed are of best quality which have passed the general industrial standard by undergoing various test-checks. You may even want to check-out the high-security locks- they are although expensive but would prove to be value for money in longer period.

Check the door-hinges and door-frames

You may have to check the strength of your existing doors and the strength of the door-frames too. A highly sophisticated lock system would also prove to be useless if the door itself is very weak. If you find that you need to strengthen your doors further then you might want to call your locksmith in Minnetonka to suggest ways to do it. Generally door-strengthening is done by inserting a strike plate on the sides of the doors with the help of longer screws.

You may also want to check how strongly the screws are fastened in the door-frame. It is very important that they are very well attached with the adjoining walls with proper and strong screws so that it can hold pressure. Your locksmith in Minnesota might also suggest a very good way to strengthen the door-frame by fitting special bars or hinge-bolts to it.

Deadbolts to the rescue

You may have strong doors but they would prove to be worthless if the locks on it don’t do their job properly. To make the locks stronger your locksmith may advise an expensive deadbolt – which according to us is a worthy investment. Ideally, the lock should extend deep in the frame to withstand any force.

Now windows in doors

If you are looking from security point of view then we would not suggest the doors that have transparent windows in them. They might be good in view and also would give you better lighting in your room but they cannot be considered very safe as they are very easy to break-into. You might argue that why not we do both – make it strong and also giving it good looks? Well, if you really need to do that then might we suggest using very strong reinforced glassed on the doors that cannot be broken easily. Alternatively, instead of replacing the glass door you can also consider using decorative bars so that entry is restricted even it glass get broken.

Minor Tweaks

You can add some small but effective tools to make your door more secure like using door chain, security lights on the door or maybe even using security cameras.

For finding out more about the Door-strengthening get in touch with the best locksmith in Minnetonka.

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