Every business premise that has a number of employees working in it has to make sure that they have proper exit devices installed. In business places where the number of visitors per day is high then it is even more important to have multiple exit devices installed. It is very essential that exit devices provides proper safely and damage control measures. Plymouth Locksmith are adroit enough at providing these solutions – just give a call to an experienced locksmith nearby your vicinity and they would be more than happy to oblige. This articles covers the all the details about the exit devices that a business place owner should be aware of.

A Basic Question – What are Exit Devices?

In a lay man’s language – it is just a type of door-hardware keeps the doors locked from outside but in case of emergencies or otherwise allows the people inside to exit quickly by using these doors to open from inside without the need to unlock the door.

Various Types of Exit Devices

Plymouth locksmiths can provide you with multiple options to choose from the various Exit Devices. Basically there are 4 types of exit devices: cross bar exit device, touch bar exit device, touch base exit device and integrated exit device.

Different type of exit device offer different levels of security but they have very similar operational concept. They are mostly installed on the side door or exit doors.

The major difference between the touch bar exit device and other crossbar exit device is in the functionality and installation. Touch bar devices are relatively easier to install compared to cross bar exit device.

The Need for Exit Devices

Exit devices like push bar were introduced to ease the process of exit by a group of people in case of emergencies inside the premises. Emergencies like fire, robberies and black-out demands the immediate and safe exit of people from the property. Ideally in these situations the people inside the building panic and in rush they try to push their way out of the building-doors and with so many people behind, there is hardly any time to unlock the doors. These push bar doors are designed in such a way that they unlock automatically if a mob tries to push their way out and thereby preventing the cases of accidents that may happen in rush.

You may find these exit devices to be very commonly installed in banks, corporate building, offices, government buildings and all those places where number of people visiting regularly are very high.

The More – The Merrier

You may want to install more than one exit device depending on the size of your property. Larger properties that has huge number of visitors regularly need to keep multiple options for exit for safety purpose. You may use various exit points which are little far from each other so that the entire mob of people do not clutter at one place as this may lead to more mishaps.

Your local Plymouth locksmith can easily give you the demonstration so that you can select based on your needs.

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