There are two key components in this article – one is Shakopee and the other is ReKey. Let us discuss each one by one. Known for its Canterbury Park Racetrack and Valleyfair Amusement Park, Shakopee is city of Minnesota that attracts lot of tourists. The city is also no stranger to property crimes – there is a one in fifty-two chance of falling a victim to it. People are always required to be careful when it comes to security of their premises. One of the most popular option to security is ReKey.

Imagine moving to a new place and using the same old keys that were used by previous tenants or home-owners. Wouldn’t you be tempted to change to locks for the sake of your own security? Of course yes! But here is another cost-effective way for you – ReKey.

This brings us to the next question – What exactly is ReKey? Let us try to understand:

Meaning: Rekeying is a procedure where the inner working of the lock systems are changed in such a way that the old keys cannot be used in the same lock. After certain minor changes in the locks – the owners are provided with a new key. The major advantage of doing so is that the same lock is used with new keys and the cost is comparatively lesser than that of changing the entire lock.

I am sure another question would have come to your mind now – why opt for ReKey? Let me try and explain with following pointers:

  • Cost-Effective: Instead of spending on new locks ReKey gives you the convenience of using the same ones with minor tweaks and lesser spending. As mentioned before with the method there is no need to buy new locks for each door – just get ReKey done for your all your locks and get new keys. The old keys would not work in these locks now.
  • Master Key: ReKey also gives you the added advantage of having a master key for all your locks at your premises – Single key access throughout all locks – no need to worry about handling so many keys at a time.
  • Same hardware with minor tweaks: When you get a ReKey done in your homes, there is no need to install or buy any new hardware. All the changes would be done in the existing ones within minor spring and pin replacements. The best part is you don’t have to move or spend anything extra – all this is taken care off by the expert locksmith.
  • Best Option for Rented Spaces: When you are living or have shifted to a rented space, you can never be sure how the past home-residents were or if they still have copies of old keys with them. This would constantly bother you and might even prove to be a riskier thing. At these instances, ReKey is the best option as it gives you the peace of mind.

To get the best ReKey solutions contact an adroit locksmith in Shakopee.

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