Innovative idea even come to those with evil minds. Burglars these days use a new technique to break in to your beloved premises and that too without leaving any trace of their breaking in – this new method which they approach is addressed as Lock Bumping. It is safe and full proof method for these thieves to get inside your houses – at times even during day time – and leave you all baffled with the theft. We do know that no lock is break proof but this particular method will leave you all confused as there is hardly any sign of break entry in your premises and it is so easy and cheaper for the new age thieves to purchase simple equipment from internet and use for robberies. Traditional lock systems are the most vulnerable when it comes to Lock Bumping. Our article cover the entire details of Lock Bumping practices by these intruders and what steps can one take to ensure their property-safety against this evil drill.

The meaning and explanation of Lock Bumping.

Lock Bumping is done by ordering a simple bump key from the online stores. The thought itself is terrifying that simple tools are available so easily for the convenience of the evil-minded. However we are not that naïve to come to a conclusion that the tools would have been meant for such purpose. The housebreakers use this peculiar type of key into the locks and then strike it with a heavy and blunt object due to which the internal mechanism of the locks is altered and the cylinder turns. The only thing the intruders have to take care of is applying the right level of force to open these locks. This way the door opens without any sign of breakage and the intruder can get entry into the house.

Need for a Replacement Key

There are cases when you would lose or misplace the Mailbox keys and so it is very obvious that we would suggest you always keep a duplicate one in case of such emergencies. Instances where do cannot find the keys and also do not have a duplicate one – the only thing left to be done would be to call an expert locksmith who could create a duplicate one but don’t be surprised if the locksmith advises changing of the lock altogether – he might be right in suggesting so because the old key might fall in wrong hands and the access to your important mails might be open to them.

What step could one take to make their locks more secured against Lock Bumping?

A local locksmith from Cottage Grove could help you provide simple but effective solutions against this. Ideally the first suggestion by the locksmith is to modify the existing locks to and increase the number of pins in it so that it is difficult to break the mechanism by Lock Bumping. This method does not guarantee complete safety – however it does make Lock Bumping process very difficult. Another option is to use a second side bar in a high-security lock system which again makes the regular locks more secured.

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