Let us first clarify – no doors can guarantee of being un-breakable but we can make the effort to make them more secure. This article covers the various options to make the French doors more tenable.  French Doors are considered to be the most vulnerable ones when it comes to safety. The visibility in French door is clear & full and hence the question of security is addressed. One would not want to keep their homes unsecured for the robbers and burglars and welcome any unsolicited entry to their premises. Even when these doors are locked from inside – opening them is a piece of cake for the intruders. You must always seek professional opinion when installing the French doors or while making them secure. There are a number of locksmiths from Eden Prairie who could offer professional advice and solutions to make them secure. This articles addresses to the solutions that can help you secure the French-doors on your property – let’s have a look at them:

Make use of Security Films

Security films are the blessing of the modern invention that are used to prevent the broken glass to fall off from the door. Ideally these security films can be installed over any type of glass-door. Even if the intruder tries to break the glass door – this won’t be easy as the glass strength is increased by the security films. This is the first and most important suggestion from our side – If you have a French door – make sure that your call and expert locksmith from Eden Prairie and get the security films done.

Install Locks on Both Sides of the Door

While you might feel that this is not really a deal-breaker – we would insist that this definitely is must do job for people who have French doors on their properties. Ideally only one lock is installed in the door which is operable from both sides. We suggest that one should put dual locks with separate or different mechanisms so that the door is more secured. The purpose of doing this is make it harder for any robber or intruder to make entry. With dual locks the time and effort to break open the door locks is prolonged and the entire evil process gets tougher for the unwelcomed house-breaker.

Preventing the lock tempering by using screws

One cannot imagine how useful these small tools can get for us when it comes to door-security issue. A simple screw can help immensely against lock tempering. While one can argue that this method has no sophistication – we conferred and also everyone would agree that more important than sophistication is security. This method is cost-effective, easy to do and very effective too. People who have French doors in their homes and if they do not have a very high budget – this simple and effective solution might be the answer to their door security. If you need – you can book an appointment with the local locksmith of Eden Prairie and they would be more than happy to oblige.

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