Don’t think of the worst just yet – chances are that you would never come across this kind of situation as most of the burglaries take place in empty houses but it never hurts anyone to be just a little cautious and prepare for these less probable events. In this article we would like to present a step by step guide on what to do in-case of a break-in?

Step 1: Try To Escape

Material losses can be recovered but any harm to one’s self could be damaging so it is always wise to try and avoid such scenarios. The best way to do this is to find a quick exit route. However in doing so – you might want to be extra careful as you wouldn’t want to run in to the housebreaker as that might make the situation violent which we clearly want to dodge. Our research shows the burglars usually use the rear exit of the premises to run-away post the theft and so you must try to find a route that does not intersect with the rear end of the house.

Step 2: Call 911

Whether you managed to exit the house or not – make sure that you call 911 without making too much noise. When you reach somewhere safe and have access to your mobile phone or another other telephone then the very first thing you should do is call 911 and report this ongoing burglary. You need to be careful when you do so as you would not want to thief to be aware of this.

Step 3: Use the Alarm System or Panic Button

The only purpose of doing so is to spook the intruder. The second step you need to follow post your exit from the home is that you need to immediately use the alarm – preferably the one that could make louder noises and use it. Also, do not forget to use the Panic Button if you have one on the existing alarm system as alerting the authorities would get help soonest.

Step 4: Important things to follow in situation where burglar is in front of you

Now we have explained above all the possible ways to avoid this situation but if somehow you do have a face to face with the intruder – we suggest that you remain calm in this situation and raise both hands showing that you are cooperating and not mean any harm or violence. It is very important that you do not make any eye contact with the burglar. Also, try not to shout or scream and keep your voice-tone normal and tell them that they may take whatever they need and leave without hurting anyone. The entire purpose of this is to avoid any violent action and get safely out of this situation and letting the burglar get away.

However, if situation does get violent – do not hesitate to take any or all necessary action to protect yourself or your family in self-defence – it is within the law!

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