During holidays people get busy either with guests or preparing to visit their loved ones. No doubt that one is super happy and excited about it but do note that it is also the time when the burglars and thieves are always up to something as there are great chances that they could spot an empty house to rob. Although Savage is a peaceful place – one could never afford to be careless when it comes to the safety of family or home. We would like to point out a few do’s and don’ts as a checklist for holidays just to ensure that you and your home stays safe:

  • Lock and Recheck: This one goes without saying – Never leave your house without rechecking the all the locks. Even a single unlocked door or window would be an invitation to the profoundly waiting burglars and thieves. You need to do this after you are done loading all the luggage in your ride so that you don’t keep going back and forth. A final recheck would only take a few minutes but give you a lot of mental peace during the holidays.
  • Using Motion-Sensors: We consider these motion sensors as your temporary and personal replacement at home in your absence. You need to make sure that all the motion-sensors are active before you bid farewell to your home temporarily. They help by scaring off the trespassers by detecting their motion within or outside the premises and thus keeping your home safe.
  • Let the Neighbours be your spy: Do inform your neighbours that you would be away on holiday and request them to keep an eye on your home. Although you must have taken other precautions – keeping the neighbours informed about your absence has proved to be helpful in many cases. Being extra vigilant never hurt anyone – did it?
  • Comprehensive Security: We would advise you to use a comprehensive security system for your premises when you leave your home to go on holidays. Lots of sophisticated locks, cameras and alarm systems that are linked directly to police departments are available. We would insist that you do consider using these available technologies so that you remain worry-free during holidays.
  • Timers: You can even have fun while making a final round of check before going for holidays. Set the timer for your lights to automatically turn on or off randomly or at certain intervals. This normally fools the burglars and keeps them confused about the home-owners presence. Not a bad ideal at all if it helps keeping your home safe.
  • Use Social-Media Smartly Burglars and robbers use the social media to trace the whereabouts of the home-owners. Although you would have posted casually about your holidays these burglars never miss the opportunity to target your beloved home. You need to be smart while using social-media when going on holidays and make sure that you do not post any unintentional but invitational messages to these unwanted guests.
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